About Rainbeau Jo’s


Mahalo for visiting Rainbeau Jo’s! We are an energetic couple that followed our passions and started an  Organic Coffee & Food Truck on the gorgeous island of Kauai! Everyday should be amazing in paradise. We hope to bring that to you with a delicious cup of coffee, tasty grinds, aloha, and great conversation.

Our Coffee

Coffee to us is more than a morning ritual, or a way to wake up; it’s a love, a passion, & the best part of our day. Come share this experience with us.

Sourcing only Organic, fair trade coffee; we have developed our own signature blend of espresso through Hammerhead Coffee Roasters. A smooth blend of hand picked Ethiopian Harrar, Honduras, & Brazilian beans; Carpe Kope is our signature brew. Carpe in latin means to pluck, to seize, to gather, & to enjoy the fruits. Kope is the Hawaiian for coffee…To pluck, to seize, to enjoy your coffee. Our philosophy, our blend, and our encouragement to you is that you not only seize & enjoy this coffee made just for you; but you seize this day for the fruits in life are ripe.

Enjoy our Cold Brew Espresso- Toddy; a smoother, less acidic, & more caffeinated way to enjoy your coffee. Our specialty whip creams are made in house daily and we use only Ghirardelli chocolates and caramel when concocting our gourmet mochas. Using only the finest ingredients when crafting our drinks, pouring love into every cup. We look forward in sharing this with you. Cheers!

Breakfast, Lunch, & Smoothies

Bottom line…we are total Foodies.

We serve you foods that we love to eat, sourcing the best ingredients. We make all our own specialty cream cheeses, butter compounds & local kale salad in house daily. Sourcing local & organic products & produce in support of our local farmers & small businesses whenever possible. Proudly carrying locally made organic New York Style Bagels from Ya Quddus. All of our smoothies consist of local & organic fruits, vegetables, juices and proteins that will have your body thanking you for the healthy treat. 

For afternoon, evening, weekend and special catering events we offer a selection of delicious panini style sandwiches using a variety of fancy cheeses, organic spinach, and meats grilled on fresh french bread. Come enjoy a drink and great bite to eat with us on this perfect Kauai day.

If you are you looking for a refreshing pick me up with out the coffee we got you covered! We have concocted some tasty fruit smoothies using organic and locally sourced fruits, vegetables, and juices. Also offering many nutrient enriched options to add on including KYANI Superfood Elixir organic protein, bee pollen, local honey, spirulina, kale, coconut oil, chai seed and hemp seed!

About BEAU & JOBeau Jo Betty

Aloha! WE are Beau (Bearded) and Jo (the Ginger) owners, operators, and full time positive pushers! Beau would love to make you a tasty treat while Jo uses her barista skills to brighten your day. Oh, and we can’t forget our beloved truck, Betty White! She’s the real Star here! Always bringing smiles, high fives, and our passion for coffee to you everyday! Follow us on our adventure!


  1. Thankyou guys!! The best customer service and the best coffee we had on Kauai!!!!! Great smoothies too! Defenantly a must stop while on the island, Beau & Jo will fix you a bomb drink, with a side of friendly and engaging conversation.

  2. I lived on Kauai over a year ago, and would stop by before seeing patients at the physical therapy clinic down the road. Best coffee and service; a barista attempted a bulletproof coffee here on the mainland, and had no comparison to Jo’s special touch.
    Hope all is well, and I always tell vacationers to stop by and try some food and coffee in the presence of Betty White


    • Aloha Ryan!

      We miss your energy in the window but we know you are shining wherever you go. Heart warmed and we appreciate all of your continual support and positive affirmations. All is well here and Betty is still wielding it! Hope everything is going great there. We look forward to sharing a bulletproof with you on your visit back.


      Beau & Jo!

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